Sam Rozell: Lead guitarist for Nearly Flightless

New to the studio, but not the music scene in Manhattan, is Nearly Flightless. Nearly Flightless is comprised of four members: Austin- Bass, Adam- Drums, Sam- Lead Guitar, and Jackson- Lead and Vocals. Ages in the band range from 16-18, and these guys have some great chemistry and talent for their age.

I first saw NF at a show during Aggiefest, put on by the Manhattan Music Coalition and Sisters Of Sound Records this past summer, and I was honestly blown away by their performance. As was the rest of the crowd that held around 100 people. I could tell they were young, and didn't know if they had and music recorded. I really wanted to record with these guys, but I had to leave when their set was over so we never spoke.

A few months later we had a contest on our NueWave Recording Facebook page, asking local artists to send in a band photo that we would post for the public to see. The bands were required to share and promote the photo, and whichever band's photo received the most "Likes" won some free studio time. NF didn't end up winning, although they got 289 likes and came in second place, which obviously meant the public wants to hear their music. Luckily Sam and I had spoken a few times over the phone during the contest and after, and he talked about the band still wanting to record in the studio. So that's where we are now.

Saturday November 17th, 2012 NF came in the studio to lay down scratch tracks on their first single "Tell Me What I Want To Hear", and the sound was pretty sick. They've got a modern rock  sound that's comparable to Jimmy Eat World and The Killers. Not to spoil anything, but I really like how they've implemented a break down into this song. You guys and gals are going to love this single and the rest of the music to come from Nearly Flightless, so stay on the look out for it soon.

-Mason Smith

Owner & Producer